Brick pointing

Like the mortar between the bricks of the buildings around them – they remain. Animated monuments from a forgotten time within an area accelerating beyond their want and comprehension. After decades of their working lives spent on and around the streets of Brick Lane the urge to return is too strong. They mingle amongst the crowds, on the most part ignored, with little known about them. 


Mick. Started work at the Truman Brewery as a tank cleaner. Three minute stints in the immense fermentation tanks, with brush and bleach, is all he could manage before the fumes would overpower him. Thankfully he progressed to a delivery driver. A real character with plenty of stories to share.


Mad Tom. Spent his working life, as a builder, on and around Brick Lane. Lives in Bow, but returns to Brick Lane most days with his
dog Mad Max.


Morris. Born in Liverpool and later moved to Hackney. Before trading, on a side road of Brick Lane, Morris spent most of his working
life as a despatch rider (on his trusty Honda 50) for legal companies around London. His crash helmet is removed for no one – whatever the weather.