Book to accompany the 70/70 Vision exhibition. It was commissioned as a celebration of the seventieth anniversary of Harlow, a new town in the UK borne of the radical New Towns Act of 1946. It was an attempt to focus on the residents of the town, rather than the architecture and master plans that more usually spring to mind when we think of New Towns. What we have discovered in our journey to this publication and its accompanying touring exhibition is an intimate exploration of life, of possibility and the impact one person’s story can have on each of us.

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This latest title in my highly successful 'my cool' vehicle series covers the world of open top motoring. The book includes a broad mix of 'cool' convertibles, from vintage to classic and modern, with eye-catching photography and locations. The convertible has gone through extreme highs and lows during more than a century of automotive history, from near ubiquity at the dawn of the car industry to nearly disappearing in the 1970s; and now once again being a highly popular type of car. The cars featured illustrate the highs and the lows of convertible design and show how convertible technology advanced from simple cloth tops to the advanced self-folding roofs of today.


Scooters; mobility born out of necessity in post-war ravaged Europe. What unfolded, in the decades that followed, was nothing short of a phenomena. Surpassing the envisaged form of transport for the masses and becoming synonymous with freedom and a symbol of a positive lifestyle. However, it’s safe to say that, like a chip off an old block, this title will broaden readers’ understanding and quell misinterpretations about the world of scooters. Dispelling the stereotypical opinion that anyone with a classic scooter is from the lights and mirrors brigade. 


Motorcyclists have feelings too. Unfortunately the few that bring bad press can tarnish the majority. The intention of my fifth title was to positively portray motorcycling, by featuring a diverse mix of riders and set the record straight that not every owner is hell bent on speed. As well as pinpointing the beautifully designed aesthetics of motorcycles and often over-looked details. Original rockers, cultural aspects that surround the varied scene, adventure riders, collectors through to a new wave of owners making a statement with custom motorcycles as an extension to their lifestyle and encouraging young blood into the scene. Vintage, classic and retro examples of Suzuki; Kawasaki; Honda; Triumph; BSA; Indian; Norton; BMW and Harley-Davidson all with inspiring stories of ownership.


With its origins as a utilitarian form of transport for the masses cycling has now become an endearing part of our lives and a connection to the simpler times of our youth. An invention which has resisted the modern advances of life by refusing to be cast to the sidelines. With the resurgence of cycling it was an ideal opportunity to explore the cultural differences around the world – London; Paris; Amsterdam; New York and China to name but a few. Featuring those who’ve undertaken record-breaking round the world challenges, to an individual who chose to travel the world aloft a penny farthing. Along with designers; collectors; fashionistas; Olympians; inventors and artists through to those who are just trying to make the world a better place.


If you’re looking for engine specifications and top speeds then this book is not aimed at you. Instead it takes a refreshingly deeper look into the world of classic cars and why owners come to possess the cars they do. Neither was it meant to be cover to cover examples of concourse cars. Tarnished chrome and rust was put ahead of cars that seldom see the light of day. Because the aforementioned examples are the types owned for a reason and with passion. From the humble Model T and Fiat 500 to the retro classics of the Rover SD1 and Ford Capri. Iconic eye candy in the shape of the DeLorean and Pontiac Trans Am through to the dreamy Mercedes 300SL.


Although connotations are rightfully drawn towards the incessantly heralded VW campervan, it was important to feature the lesser known but equally as deserving marques. With chapters covering retro; classics; weird and wonderful; American beauties and a section for those seeking the simple life – the book heralded the start of my fascination with the owners I featured. Thus influencing the titles of my future books by further exploring the owners past and the paths in life they’ve taken. And ultimately how their pastime has become intertwined with their everyday life. Aside from exploring the ways in which owners refurbish and customise their campervans. From a retro styled Bedford; Fiat; Toyota. Classic Dormobile to a one-off example of a fibreglass wonder and bizarre car conversions. 


Take a long time trivialised pastime and turn those misconceptions on their head. This was the aim and the achievement of My Cool Caravan. Circa 2009 and the term glamping was cemented in the lexicon of the English language. The economy was tanking, more and more people were looking for ways to holiday economically – yet another term ‘staycation’ was born. Step forward the much maligned caravan, followed closely by those ‘creative types’ itching to get their hands on a retro caravan and stamp their creativity on it and within it. I’m speaking from experience, having imported an Airstream caravan several years earlier. Caravanning needed a voice and it’s fair to say that My Cool Caravan handed it a megaphone and became a major player in the transition of caravanning being a pastime you didn't care to admit to, to being cool. Retro; classics; vintage; gleaming American caravans; shepherds huts and everything in-between – has kept this book a firm favourite for many years.